Columbia FramesHow do you know the frames you are buying are made from good quality materials that will be durable and comfortable to wear? Did you know that if the quality of frame material is poor the frame may not be adjustable or able to hold an adjustment well? Or if you have a moderate to high prescription a low quality frame simply cannot hold the lens in very well? If you’ve ever had a lens pop out over and over you know how frustrating this can be. This could mean that the “deal” you thought you were getting turned out to be an ongoing source of frustration and waste of time as you go back again and again to try and get the frame adjusted for comfort and wear ability. Trust the best eye doctors in Portland Oregon at Eye Health Northwest to guide you in the right direction for eyeglasses and frame decisions.

Dior FramesThere are thousands of frames being produced all around the world, with the range of quality varying from excellent to poor, frames made in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Japan, China, Korea and Hong Kong. The European standard for quality is a CE printed on the inside of the temple; if that stamp is not there then it has not passed through the inspection process. The problem with frames that are not inspected is they can look good when you are picking them out, but the quality can be so poor they will not last for long and you may experience all sorts of problems after you pick them up.

At EyeHealth Northwest we offer quality frames from some of the top rated brands on the market today. All of the frames we carry are hand picked to provide a great assortment of well-built styles from which you may choose a great looking comfortable frame that will bring compliments from your friends and family.

Titanium -

TitaniumBeing 48% lighter, but with the same tensile strength as steel, Titanium is extremely popular in today’s eyewear frames. Being corrosion resistant and hypo-allergenic it doesn’t react to people with acidic skin oils, preventing skin irritations and discoloration of the frames themselves. There are is a lot of variance in the percentage of Titanium a frame is made of, some contain just a small amount but are advertised as Titanium frames, and some are made of 100% Titanium. We have done the research for you to inventory only the best frames that will stand up to the daily challenges and provide you with comfort and style.

Plastics –

Plastics FramesThere are two basic types of plastics – those (thermoplastics) which can be re-formed with heat and those which can’t be, commonly called thermosetting. Almost all plastic spectacle frames are made from plastics which soften with heat, although they are not all thermoplastic. Frames are occasionally made from nylons or from composite materials, most of which do not soften properly on heating when making adjustments.

Plastics FramesOur EyeHealth Northwest opticians are trained in the handling of these materials, and can help recommend which frame material would work the best with your prescription, you can avoid a lot of problems by allowing one of our trained professionals to help you make a selection. We have value priced frames too, and these have been carefu lly hand selected to insure the value, and have a great price!

Plastics FramesWe will be having frame show events throughout the year featuring some of your favorite brands and hard to find styles. These events are fun, exciting, and a great opportunity to see an entire collection of brands, all the colors and sizes will be available for these special one day events. There is also an opportunity for special pricing and door prizes, so choose the event you want to attend from our frame show calendar, and make plans to come find a frame you’ll love!

Whether you want frames for everyday, reading, computer, sunglasses, safety, or special occasion our friendly staff at Eye Health Northwest will be glad to help you! Come in to any of our 11 convenient locations in the Portland Metropolitan area. You can get your eyes examined by one of our Doctors, or bring in a current prescription for us to fill. Your source for eye exams and quality eye care in Portland, Oregon.

Plastics Frames Plastics Frames

Plastics Frames Plastics Frames

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