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How much does my insurance cover?

It depends on your insurance coverage, you can contact your vision insurance directly to get benefit information, or bring your card in and we will be happy to call for yo. Our Portland eye doctors will be happy to discuss your insurance options.

How long will my glasses take to be completed?

Typically glasses can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on the type of treatments you order for your lenses. Eyehealth NW has a state-of-the-art production laboratory to guarantee service and quality.

What will a complete pair of glasses cost?

From $119 on up depending on what you need. Our opticians can help you get the best value in your eyewear.

If I wear contacts why do I need a back-up pair of glasses?

It is very important to have a back-up pair of glasses in the event you have an eye health issue and cannot wear your contacts. Its also recommended to give your eyes a break from contacts in the evenings and weekends. If you travel it's also nice to have a back-up option in case you need it.

Why is a glasses prescription only good for 2 years?

Like any prescription, your doctor's RX will expire. You need to have regular eye exams as your vision can change as well as caring for the health of your eyes.

Are the chain store prices really lower?

No, in most cases only the advertised item is lower, to get what you want is often higher than everyday pricing.

What type of warranty comes with your glasses?

Most frames have a 1 year warranty for manufacturers defects (except Flexon frames, Safilo frames, and some children's frames). Lenses with a "premium" treatment (scratch or anti-reflective) added have a two year manufacturer warranty.

Do I need to leave my glasses with you if I’m getting new lenses?

It is always best to send in the frame to the lab to insure a perfect fit, we do have electronic frame tracers in all our stores which, in most cases, enables you to keep wearing your frames while waiting for new lenses. We are required to send in your frame to the lab if you are using either VSP or Spectera insurance, as they each have their own labs which set rules on using patients own frames.

If I don’t have my prescription can you call and get it for me?

We would be happy to call and have your prescription faxed to us. You will need to sign a records release form in accordance with HIPAA regulation.

Do I get a case with my glasses?

Most glasses come with a case from the manufacturer. We carry a selection of cases in our stores as well.

Why are there so many different lens choices?

There are so many because people need to have choices that will best match their needs. Our Board Certified Opticians will help guide you through the maze of choices to find the lens product that will work best for you.

Why should I buy my glasses at Eye Health Northwest?

  • Convenience - you won’t have to waste time or money driving to another store to shop for glasses. We can speak directly to the doctors to insure the best optics for you.
  • Quality - We use only top quality frames and lenses to prevent frustrating problems down the road.
  • Skill - Our Portland eye doctors are some of the finest in the Northwest, and our opticians are nationally certified in technical optics to better help you if you have any problems.
  • Local - We process all glasses locally in our own lab to insure top quality and a fast turn around time.

Our Passion for Eye Wear



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At EyeHealth Northwest, our Opticians are committed to helping you get the best pair of glasses you have ever had. Opticians are Nationally Certified by the American Board of Opticianry and participate in ongoing continue education courses to deliver the best possible care with the most advanced technology and fashion. We can take stress out of the process, making it enjoyable for you and your family.

With more than 60 years of experience in Portland, we are now driving the Portland look by designing and curating original frame collections based on our optical expertise - Bridge City Spex. We understand the importance of individuality, functionality, and quality. The Bridge City Spex Collections can be found exclusively at our eleven EyeHealth Northwest optical shops.