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Website Design

A website can help your practice in more ways than one. Optimal medical website design allows patients and new users to see what your practice is all about. A good medical website design should be a culmination of your services and the type of office environment you provide when a patient visits for a consultation. Keep reading to see how your medical website design can help your practice! 

Information For Users

Our website is a great medium to communicate information about the eye care services we offer and info about the office. Our home page gives you a quick snapshot of the services we offer and more vital information. When it comes to the eye care services that we provide, we give you separate pages dedicated to informing you about our services. We supply you with information about cataracts, LASIK, eye exams, dry eye treatments and many more! These informational pages allow users to read more about the symptoms they should be on the lookout for and what the best treatment options may be. 


Along with the eye care service information, we also have a dedicated section to patient resources. These patient resource sections allow you to view patient forms before your appointment and gives you the ability to make an online payment. These are a great way to get a head start on paperwork and allow you to easily make online payments. Just another way a good medical website design can benefit your practice and its users. 


Usability is important when it comes to the overall quality of the website. You can have all of the information and photos you need, but if it isn’t easy to navigate through your site it could all go to waste. Not to mention, it can just become increasingly agitating for a user when it comes to using the site. You want your users to be able to get the information they want when they want it.

Up To Date Information 

Along with our many pages of content about our services and patients' resources, we also like to keep you up to date with things that could help you outside the office. As you can see, we provide links to our social media accounts and we also have a recurring blog. Our blogs and social posts range from updates about the PanOptix Trifocal Lens to information about our new office opening. With the combination of blogs and social media updates, you are always just one click away from obtaining more information about our practice and eye care services. 

Location Information

We realize that we have many locations throughout Oregon and we make sure that we make it as easy as possible for you to get the information you need for each. That is why we have separate pages dedicated to each. We also make it as convenient as possible when you reach the location pages with easily identifiable information and a direct link to the google map. The google map allows you to be one click away from having directions go directly to your phone. 

About Our Medical Website Design Company 
Glacial Multimedia, Inc.
619 Brighton Ave
Suite 200
Portland, ME 04102
Glacial Multimedia creates award-winning custom medical website designs.


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