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Care, Health, & Replacement Regimen

Which soft contact lens replacement regimen is best?
It takes a dedicated specialist like those at EyeHealth Northwest to keep up with the many options for contact lenses these days. There are 1-day, 2-week, 1-month, and 3-month replacement plans. The general rule is that the more frequently you replace the lenses, the healthier it is for your eyes, but also the more costly it becomes. For many people, the best compromise between cost and health benefits would be the 2-week disposable contact lenses.

If I wear contact lenses, how often should I have my eyes checked?
For most people an annual contact lens check is necessary. Your EyeHealth Northwest doctor will perform a complete dilated exam every 2 years.

What solutions work best for contacts?
A multipurpose solution such as Clear Care, Complete, or Optifree works well for two week to monthly disposable lenses. Ultra Care works well for people who have preservative sensitivity or lens deposit issues. Your EyeHealth Northwest contact lens specialist will be best equipped to recommend a particular solution for your eyes after your complete exam.

Can I sleep in my contacts?
The doctors at EyeHealth Northwest recommend patients remove lenses nightly. Long term studies validate this recommendation which has been shown to be much safer for your eyes in the long run.

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