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Eye Care in Southeast Portland, OR

All of us at EyeHealth Northwest take great pride in being the leading provider of eye care services for patients in the greater Portland Metro area. No matter what you need, our ophthalmologists and optometrists will do our very best to help you regain your vision as best as possible. Our large variety of eye care services are tailored uniquely to your disorder or disease. We listen carefully to each patient and happily provide a large amount of vision-related services.

Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Services: We offer oculoplastic procedures like eyelid surgery & BOTOX® cosmetic treatments.

Cataracts: We strive to provide the best Cataract Treatment options in the Portland Metro Area. From the wide range of IOLs to laser surgery, you’ll get everything you need at EyeHealth Northwest. Get started with our Cataract Self-Test today!

Cornea: Our fellow-trained corneal specialists are here to assist you through consultations or surgery. We offer treatment solutions for keratoconus, corneal erosion, Fuchs’ dystrophy & more.

Contact Lenses: Our wide variety of contacts range from toric, bifocal, soft, and more. Our optometrists will happily assist you in finding contact lenses that fit your needs perfectly.

Macular Degeneration: Also known as age-related macular degeneration, this disease is the leading cause of blindness among Americans over 65. While there is no cure for “dry” AMD, “wet” AMD can be treated through various EyeHealth Northwest therapies.

Retina: Our entire staff is trained in solving routine retinal issues, but we also have four vitreoretinal subspecialists who are expertly prepared for the consultation, second opinions & ongoing care. We also offer treatment options for retinal tears, retinal detachment & more!

Diabetes: Diabetes affects nearly 10% of the American adult population and can significantly reduce vision if not adequately controlled. We recommend eye exams to stay ahead of diabetic eye diseases; however, we also offer treatment options for diabetic retinopathy.

Eye Exams: Even if you are sure that your eyes are healthy, you may benefit from one of the comprehensive eye exams we offer. You may be surprised to learn that several eye disorders & diseases appear without any noticeable signs or symptoms. Our thorough eye examination determines whether you need glasses or contact lenses as well as your eye pressure and much more.

Optical Shop: Our eye-care department has various glasses & lenses available, accompanied by professional optometrists. Additionally, we also provide safety eyewear that’s RX licensed safety eyewear, duplicate existing orders, and manufacture backup glasses for contact lens wearers.

Glaucoma: Glaucoma can begin to progress even when symptoms are not present. We use advanced technologies to detect and diagnose glaucoma before it becomes an issue. We also offer medication and surgical procedures to minimize vision loss from glaucoma.

LASIK: The surgeons at EyeHealth Northwest are board-certified to provide you with the best LASIK surgery possible. Take our self-test and find out if you’re eligible for this procedure. LASIK not only reduces your dependency on eyewear but fixes common vision problems like astigmatism, nearsightedness & farsightedness.

Pediatric Ophthalmology: We have three fellowship-trained pediatric ophthalmologists to provide you with treatment, consultation, and second opinions. In addition to treating and diagnosing refractive errors, we offer a specialized pediatric exam.

For more information on services offered, please call or schedule an appointment today! One of our eye doctors will be happy to assist you with all of your questions and concerns.

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