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How can I prevent vision loss from Diabetes?

Diabetes control & good health are the best prevention of vision loss.

It has been shown that people with retinopathy had reduced vision loss by lowering their blood pressure into normal range and controlling cholesterol and triglycerides.

Your Primary Care Doctor may follow your diabetes control with a blood test called a hemoglobin A1c (Hb A1c). This test gives a good estimate of how your blood sugar has been over the previous three months. Studies have shown that a 10% decrease in the HbA1c produced a 23% to 46% reduction in developing the vision threatening diabetic retinopathy.

Regular vision exams with your EyeHealth doctor are critical in your on-going health and vision care.

To learn more, or ask questions about your risk of vision loss from Diabetes, talk with your Eyehealth doctor at your next visit. Not a patient, schedule an appointment on line or call us for your next Diabetic exam and learn how EyeHealth Northwest is dedicated to maintaining your eye health now--and into the future.


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