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What are the Treatment Options?

The treatment and management of various degrees of Dry Eye and related medical conditions, including Evaporative Dry Eye or Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye, or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction include:

LipiFlow® – We offer LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation Treatment. For those diagnosed with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), LipiFlow may be recommended for treatment of gland blockages and restoring natural gland function safely and effectively. LipiFlow is the only FDA cleared treatment approved using therapeutic heat and eye lid massage therapy. For patients with MGD, also known as evaporative dry eye or lipid deficient dry eye, LipiFlow treatment is recommended to unblock meibomian glands and help prevent further deterioration and loss of meibomian gland structure. If you suffer from evaporative dry eye due to MGD, LipiFlow treatment is available in-office. With just one treatment, you may experience sustained relief. (link to LipiFlow reviews)

Eyelid Cleansing/Scrub: used to clean debris and crusting on the eyelids and around the eyelash follicles. Types of lid cleanser include: pads, foam, mineral oil, or prescription solutions.

Restasis – a prescription medication (must consult an eye doctor prior to starting the treatment of this drug). Restasis is recommended for the treatment of aqueous deficiency or the lack of tears produced by lacrimal glands. This drug might be used as a last resort if other treatment options have been exhausted.

Nutraceuticals or dry eye vitamins – New formulations have been created that show significant help in treating dry eye. These vitamins are also excellent sources of other essential minerals. In most cases, regular or consistent usage is required to maintain results.

Lubricating Dry Eye Drops & Gels – New solutions in over the counter dry drops can be effective in the short term. Occasional symptoms can be comfortably treated with over-the-counter drops and gels. These drops are often referred to as artificial tears and available without prescription. These drops come in two forms - preserved and non-preserved (preferred).

Flax seed oil or Fish oil – Flax seed has proven to be not only good for dry eye but good for the body in general. Several studies have been undertaken that show significant evidence that taking flax seed oil or fish oil triglyceride form of oils can improve the overall effects of dry eye symptoms. It is said that ingesting the oil is better than taking pills due to the method of which it is absorbed into your system. A suggested method of using the oil is to mix it with Italian salad dressing.

Punctal plugs – Many eye doctors will insert small plugs that help with natural tear flow. Plugs may be used for treatment of aqueous deficiency to preserve the natural tear on the surface before naturally draining. Some plugs naturally dissolve.

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