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Strabismus is a condition involving the surrounding muscle structure of the eye; due to weakness or muscle coordination, the eyes are misaligned and point in different directions.

Esotropia: eyes turn, deviate inward towards the nose.

Exotropia: eyes turn, deviate outward away from the nose.

Most common in children, Strabismus affects about 4% of the children in the United States. Overall, strabismus can occur at any age. A child will not outgrow true strabismus.

Signs of Strabismus

The signs of strabismus are visible:

  • The eye will appear turned or crossed.
  • Noticeable asymmetrical light reflection on the surface of the eyes.
  • Bright sunlight may cause children to squint one eye, or
  • Tilt their head to use both eyes together.

Strabismus should not be ignored. If you have concerns or notice these signs, please contact our office to schedule an examination with one of our Ophthalmic Pediatric Specialists: Dr. Aazy Aaby, Dr. Charles J. Bock, Dr. Daniel R.Holland



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