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The "RightFit" Contact Lens

Most people wear soft lenses. The verdict is still out as to which modality is best medically for your eyes. The hard lenses are less costly and last longer. The soft lenses feel more comfortable initially. The doctors at EyeHealth Northwest will help you make the best choice for your eyes.

The "Right Fit" contact lens options at EyeHealth Northwest

Daily wear: These are the most economical. Daily wear lenses are removed nightly and are replaced on an individualized schedule. They should not be used as an extended wear lens.

Extended wear: These lenses can be worn overnight. However, weekly removal is recommended for thorough cleaning and disinfection. Extended wear lenses are documented to have a higher risk of corneal infection as compared to daily and disposable wear lenses. Consult our certified contact lens fitters or your doctor to determine your best options.

Disposable wear: These lenses are worn daily and replaced more frequently than traditional daily wear lenses. Disposable lenses are replaced daily, weekly, or monthly. Due to the frequency of replacement, these lenses tend to be more expensive. However, they are considered healthier for the eye and more convenient. Disposable wear lenses are also a good option for persons with allergies, and for those likely to form deposits with continuous wear.

Toric Contact Lenses: These lenses are uniquely designed for the correction of astigmatism.

Rigid Gas Permeable or RGP Lenses: These lenses are more rigid and less flexible than soft contacts. As an option, RGP’s maybe the best choice when a cornea has a moderate to a high degree of astigmatism. RGP’s offer excellent vision. Patients with allergies or a tendency to form protein deposits may benefit from the RGP’s.

Bifocal contact: These lenses are designed to allow both distance and near vision. Bifocal contacts may be an alternative option for patients needing bifocal glasses or progressive lenses.

Monovision: This is an option for persons needing correction for both near and distance vision. Monovision is a term describing the specific way contacts are worn: wear one contact for distance vision, and one for near vision. Monovision is an option for patients needing reading glasses.


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