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Blade Free LASIK

Blade Free - All Laser LASIK Technology

Laser Cataract SurgeryMaking the decision to have LASIK surgery is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. There are many important factors to consider before making your decision to have refractive surgery.  At EyeHealth Northwest, our LASIK team takes great care to always recommend the very best in technology to improve your vision. That’s why we now offer the advanced blade free, all laser LASIK.

Blade free LASIK utilizes a femtosecond laser. This advanced technology laser generates a tiny beam of laser light to create your corneal flap, which is then gently lifted and your cornea reshaped to your prescription with the excimer laser. This combination of laser technologies, is 100% blade free and has been successfully performed on hundreds of thousands of patients across the United States.

EyeHealth Northwest is pleased to offer Northwest region the latest advancements in LASIK technology.  We utilize the Wavelight Refractive Suite for LASIK laser vision correction. The LASIK surgeons at EyeHealth Northwest trust this advanced technology to deliver exceptional results. Our commitment is to provide you with the ultimate safety, and good visual outcomes. LASIK with the Wavelight Refractive Suite utilizes a femtosecond laser, which can help you achieve all of this—while it delivers the added assurance of knowing you’re being treated with the most advanced technology available today.

About Blade Free LASIK

Using the WaveLight® FS200 femtosecond laser, Your Eyehealth Northwest LASIK surgeon will create a corneal flap in approximately 6 seconds!  The WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser uses PerfectPulse Technology® to produce precision at high speed. This advanced technology equipment gives our sugeons precise control over both the depth and the diameter of the flap providing multiple benefits compared to other femtosecond lasers and older technologies.



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At EyeHealth Northwest our Opticians are committed to helping you get the best pair of glasses you have ever had. They have been trained by a Master Optician and tested by the American Board of Opticianry to become Nationally Certified , which means that the people helping you have committed themselves to providing professional, quality care, sorting through all the confusing array of products that often make choosing eyewear an overwhelming and stressful experience. We can take stress out of the process, making it enjoyable for you and your family.