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Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Services

Are you seeking a younger or more refreshed appearance? EyeHealth Northeast offers many surgical and non surgical options to help revitalize your facial appearance. As we age, our eyes tend to make us appear more tired than we really may be. The elasticity of the skin diminishes as we age making facial skin appear to sag. We encourage you to read though our aesthetic and plastic surgery pages to learn more about the services we offer.

What is Oculoplasty and why choose an Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Oculoplasty is the medical specialty of reconstructive surgery of the eye and surrounding area. Oculoplastics describes treatment and surgery for the structures around the eye such as the eyelids & eyebrows.

Changes that occur in these structures can range from cosmetic rejuvenation, an elective surgery for personal enhancement, to life threatening, whereby vision health is affected by deteriorating structures around the eye.

By choosing a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon, you are selecting a surgeon that has special training and experience in plastic surgery of the eye, whether this be for medical reconstruction, or to enhance the appearance of the eye region.

The physicians at EyeHealth Northwest are trained in eyelid surgery and aesthetic procedures. In addition, a fellowship trained Oculoplastics specialist Dr. Prashanth Vallabhanath is available for treatment, consultation and second opinion.


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At EyeHealth Northwest our Opticians are committed to helping you get the best pair of glasses you have ever had. They have been trained by a Master Optician and tested by the American Board of Opticianry to become Nationally Certified , which means that the people helping you have committed themselves to providing professional, quality care, sorting through all the confusing array of products that often make choosing eyewear an overwhelming and stressful experience. We can take stress out of the process, making it enjoyable for you and your family.