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Physicians at EyeHealth Northwest are trained to diagnose and care for patients with corneal problems. We have 6 fellowship trained corneal specialists available for consultation and surgery. Doctors Roger Saulson MD, Shane Kim, MD and Jordon Lubahn, MD practice at our East Portland, Gresham and NE locations. Doctors Kerry Hagen, MD and Sonal B. Dave, MD practice at our Northwest, Barnes Rd and Tigard locations. Jason Skalet, MD practices at our Oregon City and Milwaukie locations.

The Cornea is like a crystal covering a clock face. It is a clear round dome covering the iris, the colored ring in the center of the eye, and the pupil, the black circle in the middle of the iris. The cornea plays an important role in vision by helping to focus light as it enters the eye.

The cornea is especially susceptible to injury. Foreign objects, abrasions, sports injuries, and chemical burns can all lead to serious harm and even blindness. Proper and timely care of an injured cornea is critical to insure the best outcome. The doctors at EyeHealth Northwest work closely with the Emergency Room staff at all of the major hospitals in the Portland metropolitan area. An EyeHealth Northwest physician is available for emergency call 24 hours a day. Answering service operators are accessible through our clinic phone.

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At EyeHealth Northwest our Opticians are committed to helping you get the best pair of glasses you have ever had. They have been trained by a Master Optician and tested by the American Board of Opticianry to become Nationally Certified , which means that the people helping you have committed themselves to providing professional, quality care, sorting through all the confusing array of products that often make choosing eyewear an overwhelming and stressful experience. We can take stress out of the process, making it enjoyable for you and your family.